The goal of One Week Without is to isolate and eliminate habits, vices, and conveniences for one week at a time, in order to learn to better appreciate, respect, and employ them into a life of moderation, health, and happiness.

I update this site 2-3 times a week, at the beginning, middle, and end of each challenge, and whenever I have something else to say.   You can also follow along with the day-to-day of each challenge on my Twitter.

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About Me

I’m a regular guy with bad habits, a craving for adventure, and an appetite for instant gratification.

I studied Human & Organizational Development, English & History at Vanderbilt University and focused on how people perceive, obtain, and experience contentment, purpose, and happiness.

In my personal life, I like speaking in threes, playing guitar, hoppy beers, medium rare steaks, vinyl records, and I LOVE coffee.  I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana but I’ve called Nashville, Tennessee home for the past five years.

Above all, I genuinely want to help people break the cycle and live the life of their dreams, hopefully while also living out my own.

Contact: scott@oneweekwithout.com

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