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    I’m a huuuge fan of removing time wasters. If you feel too busy then you have prioritize and cut the least important activity.

    I find video games and TV to be such a time killer. However, part of my goal is to have more time/freedom to do things like that. :)

    Right now I just limit my time and its not bad at all. Especially if you like what you’re doing. Still gotta make time for breaks though so you dont get burnt out.

    The key for me is consistency.

    Like the theme of you blog. Subscribed!

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      Thanks Rob! TV for me is the biggest time killer, it’s so easy to feel stressed out and short on the time you need to do the things you want, until you realize how much of your day is wasted on passive leisure activities. Love your blog as well, I’m a fan and subscriber. Thanks for the kind words!