One Week Without Sleeping In: Midweek Update

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My eyes creaked open as I squeezed my shoulder blades together to pop my back in line.  I rolled from stomach onto my side, feeling rested, refreshed, and content.  This was the first cause for alarm.

My eyes darted towards the three large muntinned windows at the foot of my bed, the source of the sunbeams that overlaid the seam between the blanket and my chest.  The sky was blue and cloudless and the sun was out of sight above the window head.  This was another bad sign.

I rustled my phone out from underneath my pillow to find that the charger had pulled its way out of the loose, two-holed socket behind my headboard.  My phone was dead, the neighbor’s dog was barking, and for all I knew it was two in the afternoon.

I leapt from my bed, scampering over the wasteland of dirty clothes and cables, and bounded towards the kitchen to tell the time from the oven clock.  “9:07” flashed on the old, seven-segment LEDs.  I let out the breath that had built up in my chest. It was OK.

Still, though I didn’t have to be at work until eleven, I had committed to waking up early all week and I failed myself.  I wish I could say that was my only transgression, but of the five days in this challenge I’ve woken up truly early for two of them, somewhat early for another, and, for a few different reasons, at my usual time the other two days.

I know.  I’m not happy about it either.

Why has this particular challenge been so much harder than the others?  Well, though I’ve seen some evidence that night owls and early risers might be biologically different to the point of having different brain structures, I think in my case it has been so difficult because the person I am in the morning is a selfish, ornery, despicable sort of man with no concern for anything or anyone except MORE SLEEP.  

Well, for the remainder of the challenge, I’m going to do my best to do battle with him and rise up early.  I will say the the times that I have succeeded in getting up early as planned have been very well worth it.  When I do head into work, with a few hours of daylight already under my belt, I feel calm, refreshed, and content, a far cry from my usual coffee-slugging exasperation.

That said, I have learned that a few simple, time-honored techniques can make all the difference in actually getting up when you plan to, instead of drilling the snooze button into oblivion every ten minutes.  Hypocrite though I may be, I will share these here in hopes that they may help you avoid my blunders.

1. Feet on the floor

No matter how awful it seems when you first hear your alarm, by the time you stand up out of bed you feel ten times better, and in most cases, by the time you’ve slouched into the bathroom you feel as good as new.

2. Keep the blinds up

This was a tough compromise for me, being the paranoid nut I am, but waking up to the sunrise before your alarm ever goes off is the sweetest bliss.

3. Keep the alarm out of reach

This goes back to point number one.  If you force yourself to get out of bed in order to silence the screeching demon inside the alarm clock, you’ll have won half the battle already.

may we all get better together.


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